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Automotive Industry: A New Perspective

Have you ever wondered where unwanted vehicles go after their shiniest years are spent? When an auto auction company approached us with a big idea, we started to think about it and saw enormous opportunity. Automobiles with reasonable wear and tear and a good deal of life left in them are sent to junkyards in the United States every day. Our client saw potential markets in developing countries where the cost of new vehicles is inflated and the quality of used ones is too poor. Previously owned vehicles from the United States could be exhausted in these areas before being destroyed, and even their scrap would be of higher value there.

How can ecommerce add value? We created a system that makes these transactions possible. Partnering with national auctioneers to create a reliable supply chain, we integrated a Siivo logistics and ecommerce solution that exceeded everyone’s expectations. We take pride in our work because what we do adds value on both sides. In this case, new opportunity was created both for consumers abroad and for domestic businesses, and we established a positive export stream for the United States.

Look at success stories from any industry and analyze what makes them unique. Innovation. Sustainability. Effective Marketing. Cost Minimization. These are the factors setting competitive organizations apart, and companies that establish a healthy balance between them factors end up leading their industries. We actively seek work in new industries where our methodology can benefit both the consumer and the business. We study your industry and, if necessary, find an expert that knows it well to help us. The conclusion is the best possible solution for your industry and for your business.

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