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Case Studies


Company Profile

Where is the best place to find new and used government-issued clothing and accessories, military gear like compasses and heavy-duty flashlights, as well as sporting goods, camping equipment, and hunting supplies? All this, and more, is sold at GetArmyNavy.com. For years, people have turned to military surplus stores for warm winter outerwear, rugged work boots, and even survival gear; the department store of choice for those who live adventurously.

The Problem

GetArmyNavy needed to distinguish itself from numerous other surplus stores around the country, many of which sell identical items. They wanted to do more than sell online; they needed a brand and website to impress customers and drive sales beyond competitive benchmarks. GetArmyNavy came to Siivo.

Siivo’s Solution

After performing in-depth research on countless other military surplus businesses, we found many of them barely had a web presence at all. In fact, if one did not know better, you might think there was a mandate for all army/navy sites to be as clunky and out-dated as possible. Before Siivo began working with GetArmyNavy, they did not have a website. This presented a unique opportunity. Not only would we be building a site completely from the ground up, but we also had a chance to set the bar for all other military surplus stores on the web. So we went to work, and today, GetArmyNavy.com sets the standard for military surplus webstores with a user friendly and cutting edge design. It was created with customer in mind. Products are displayed clearly on the homepage, and drop-down menus were designed so customers can explore sub-categories easily. An intuitive navigational scheme was implemented, and everything placed in a logical order, so users of the site can always find what they are looking for. Customers can efficiently go from the home page to individual product pages and through to checkout with no trouble at all.

We made sure the site was user-friendly and set out to create a strong visual brand for GetArmyNavy. A logo was designed, and flash banners were placed prominently at the top of the home page. Not only does this distinguish GetArmyNavy.com from other military surplus webstores by giving it a unique look, but this also communicates a direct message to customers about the type of shopping experience they will be getting. Images and text were implemented specifically so people who click over to GetArmyNavy.com will know instantly that they’re on a site that sells only the most authentic, and rugged, military surplus and government-issued clothing and gear—it speaks directly to the military enthusiast.

Equally important, however, was the work done behind the scenes. Every step of the way we optimized site structure and content for search engines and mobile devices. GetArmyNavy.com offers a huge variety of items, and since they sell online, a database had to be created to accommodate their products. In this case, we built it completely from scratch. Unique SKU’s were assigned, and product categories created, for thousands of items.

But, our work was not done there. GetArmyNavy works as a drop shipper, meaning orders are facilitated between their customers and the distributor’s warehouse. This is great for business, because it allows for a seemingly limitless selection of products for customers to choose from, and lowers GetArmyNavy’s overhead costs. So, to accommodate this business model, Siivo continuously updates product information, and adds new items to their online catalog as the distributor makes them available.

GetArmyNavy.com’s entire ecommerce platform was moved to Magento, an advanced, but easy-to-use, application that allows for the management of not only your database, but also your entire webstore. This meant rectifying compatibility issues and optimizing their shopping cart software was accomplished with one strategic move.

For this project, a user-friendly interface for both customers and the people at GetArmyNavy was of utmost importance. After the site launched and it became apparent that GetArmyNavy.com was positioned to become a leader amongst military surplus webstores, the site had to be able to handle the increased traffic and business. And it was. Our ongoing support ensures that it is prepared for the future, too.

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