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Case Studies

iBraggiotti Jewelry

Company Profile

iBraggiotti Jewelry is a leader in high end online jewelry sales in the United States. Located in New York City, their market is global. They have no physical location.

The Problem

The online jewelry industry is booming. Global inventory is up and demand for boutique quality accessories at bargain prices is driving a growing number of online jewelers to market. The inventory is not consolidated, and the main issue facing iBraggiotti was database management. Ecommerce of this scope and magnitude requires a large, uniform database. Their inventory existed is small pockets of disorganized data. The platform our client was using was also operating at capacity and there was little room for growth.

Siivo's Solution

We saw great potential in iBraggiotti Jewelry. Beginning with a complete client analysis, we identified threats to their organization and began working on them immediately. The first hurdle was the database. A team of engineers applied an intuitive framework to the existing data, generating scripts to gather as much usable information as possible from the existing databases. This data was seamlessly integrated into the new database as coders developed a manageable backend.

After integrating a powerful ecommerce solution into their site, coders built the front end interface around our new framework. Brand services created a simple, elegant corporate image that was implemented into a strategic online marketing campaign. SEO services worked with our designers and coders to ensure proper optimization for search engines. Our lead content developer developed a product and category description formula that accentuated the overall SEO strategy while guaranteeing keyword rich content and meta data would be present across the site as it was developed.

Once client revisions were made, the site went live and saw an increase in sales in less than one month. It is now managed exclusively by iBraggiotti.com, however Siivo plans to implement a new SEO strategy for them in 2010 that integrates social media management.

Let Siivo provide a customized ecommerce solution for your business. Contact us today.

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