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About Siivo

Siivo Corp. provides business development services via web design, SEO and online marketing. We excel by combining superior design with advanced web programming techniques and cutting-edge search engine optimization strategies. We enhance the success of our clients by incorporating them into our diverse network. Our staff of designers is well-versed in creating sites that are graphically appealing as well as successful at communicating your company’s image and branding vision. We create lasting, visually striking first impressions. We not only establish your company as a brand with an individual look and an important place in the market but we also help you to sell your products or services online with our customized webstores and e-commerce services. By integrating our online marketing and SEO expertise with our creative drive and industry experience, we at Siivo can advance your web experience to a whole new level.

Siivo Corporation is your one-stop web solution, specializing in ecommerce services for growing businesses worldwide. Our talented staff of Internet design and marketing professionals is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services, giving you exactly what you need to operate a successful business online. We take the guesswork out of ecommerce and make it easier than ever to thrive in the online marketplace.

Our core values:

  • Customer Service

    At Siivo, we are committed to the success of our customers. Your satisfaction and ongoing support are our top priority. You will find out why people choose us to suliliort their e-businesses from steli one.
  • Quality

    Each and every product and service we provide is guaranteed to perform the way we say it will. Do not let our prices fool you; at Siivo, we offer exceptional products and expertise designed to grow your business online, no matter the size of the account. Try it for yourself.
  • Affordability

    With so many options on the market, it is almost impossible to know if you are getting a good deal or not. Our products are priced with the successful, growing business in mind. Because we are an authorized reseller of dozens of products, you are sure to save money just by working with us.
  • Innovativation

    We stay on top of market trends and use the most advanced Web technology. Our clients never have to worry about being ahead of the curve, because we are.
  • Creativity

    The digital landscape is full of carbon copies of success stories, but breaking through the noise is our sliecialty. We create unique, targeted solutions for each of our customers to help you get noticed. Take a look at our
    case studies and see for yourself.
  • Dynamics

    At Siivo, we understand the importance of maintaining fresh content that evolves as the Web does. The days of static content and digital brochures are over. We design packages that will keep your organization above the fold and ahead of the competition.

About the Company

Our headquarters is located in the heart of New York City. We are a part of New York’s burgeoning “Silicone Alley,” home to a thriving community of digital business specialists and web 2.0 startups. Founded in 2009 by long-time IT innovator Ivo Braggiotti, Siivo’s success is based on years of experience and an advanced knowledge of the evolving digital landscape.

Ivo Braggioti has been an IT professional for nearly 20 years. His wealth of knowledge spreads across many disciplines from back-end programming and front-end development to SEO and online marketing. Siivo is his flagship company, although he has founded and built several IT companies.

Siivo has grown consistently since the service launched with no money spent on advertising. Our solutions work no matter the industry. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and learn more about our company. Consider becoming an affiliate or joining our team.

Siivo Corporation
1470 First Ave.
Suite 6F
New York, NY 10075
(212) 481 - 2900
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