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iPad: A New Device Class

Consumers, businesses and Web developers are biting at the bit for news on the iPad, and industry leaders are anxious for a chance to get their hands on one. Growing early demand for the product is no surprise, though - the buzz generated by Apple’s Keynote in early February 2010 far exceeded that of the State of the Union address, reaching nearly 8 million more people on Twitter.

But the press is not all positive. Many critics wonder if the iPad will sink or swim as brand champions try to convince the world it will fly, touting impressive specs and mobile data connectivity. Apple is inspiring consumers with the new gesture based interface from Multi-touch.

Siivo develops for Apple's iPad

Are you convinced? We are. Google and Microsoft are putting money in tablet development, and Microsoft is not new to the game (recall Microsoft’s Tablet PC platform from the late 1990s). Apple did not invent the table PC, but their approach to their tablet as a powerful media pad may just ride on the coat tails of the smart phone movement and replace it entirely. Apple is about to hit another homerun, good press or bad.

But the iPad is only a new beginning in an already growing market of viciously competitive tablet and ebook giants. What sets the iPad apart from its most obvious competitors like the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes & Noble Nook? It is much more than a reader.

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