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Selling Online

Sell Online with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

High volume selling online is within your reach. Understand the growing number of free tools at your disposal. Learn to leverage them effectively. You have the potential to generate unprecedented sales. Whether you are new to the trade or you have a unique concept to get off the ground, you are an email or phone call away from making your vision a reality. Free tactics cost you nothing but time, but your time is valuable. Benefit from our expertise with customized SEM and SEO solutions that will help you reach your goals.

Sell Online

  • Increase Traffic to your Website

  • Make the most of your site with Search Engine Optimization.
  • Invest in Information Architecture and good design.
  • Submit your site to the right channels and get noticed:
    • Search Engine Submission
    • Directory Listing
  • Build Links.
  • Advertise online.
  • Develop an Online Marketing plan.
  • Create and Maintain a Blog.
  • Leverage Social Media:
    • Traditional outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare)
    • Chat rooms and Message Boards
  • Make your site accessible.
  • Optimize content for search and decision engines (SEO).
  • Focus on Content and make it fresh, relevant and readable.

Plan for the Future

Make your next move a smart one. Create your own ecommerce site today and prepare for increased demand in the future. Siivo is a full-service online marketing and ecommerce provider dedicated to the success of your business. Our SEO and SMM expertise translates into added value and increased conversions over time. We strive to increase the quality of content on the Internet through our client interactions. Our strategies are designed to remove unnecessary barriers of competition in ecommerce. If you are interested in owning a thriving ecommerce business but you do not know where to start, contact us. We will help get you on your way.

Why the Industry
Chooses Siivo

Siivo specializes in ecommerce; we know it inside and out, focusing on our clients' strengths and solving problems that limit their profitability. We help businesses get back on track every day. Interested in learning more? Review our case studies and see how our approach has helped successful businesses like yours become more effective.

How to Increase Web Traffic and Online Sales

There are a lot of strategies for selling online effectively. If you learn to use them effectively, your traffic will increase exponentially. Here are a few that Siivo uses every day.

Invest in SEO
Search Engine Optimization is the most powerful method of increasing traffic to your site. It is also the most difficult. Start from the beginning, before you ever take your site live. Everything should be set up before you go live because your site will be indexed quickly. Select great keywords for your products or services and beat other sites with similar content in search results. This will give you more organic (non-paid) clicks and more visibility online.

Submit Your Site
Search engines will find your site no matter what, but you should submit it to the most popular ones. The more places your site is linked, the better. Find the right directories and submit your site there as well. Avoid submitting to irrelevant or disreputable ones.

Build Valuable Links
Create as many links to your site from external sources as possible. This can be done in a variety of ways, including link exchange, link purchasing and online marketing.

Grab traffic from other sites by purchasing banner ads, participating in banner exchanges, and even creating PPC (Pay per Click) marketing campaigns. Your keywords are crucial here.

Market Your Site
There are traditional and non-traditional ways to do this, and they can be very effective if you plan properly. Create an affiliate program that gives incentives for other sites to send you traffic. Recognize the power of traditional PR and find someone who knows it. Create promotions online and offline. You should also create a newsletter to assist in these activities.

Create a Blog
Fresh content is pivotal in search engine optimization. Create a unique blog and update it regularly with articles that someone would actually read. Make sure you write with SEO purposes in mind. Set up the blog properly on your site, otherwise it will not generate traffic.

People cannot get enough of social media. If you are a business online, you need to be where your customers are. Find a creative way to use social media. Get customer reviews. Participate in chats and message boards (industry specific). Do not simply create a Facebook fan page and expect people to love you. Give them something to talk about.

Become Accessible
There are ways to make your site accessible to people with disabilities, and it can be mutually beneficial to comply with certain guidelines. Visit W3C.org for more information on web standards. Create an RSS feed of your site and allow people to access it more freely. Encourage bookmarking. Write real alt tags for rich content, and focus on metadata. Metadata is information about your information. Use it effectively.

Powerful SEM Solutions at Your Fingertips

Successful businesses know what it takes to maintain a prominent web presence, and they know it is not easy. How do you create a web store that will get noticed and generate sales without confusing potential clients? What is the best way to leverage social media to reach your business’ goals? Online success is a balancing act of an ever-broadening gap of tools, skills and trades. We stay ahead of the curve and offer comprehensive solutions that work for you, giving you more time to focus on your business. Whatever your industry, we will create strategies that support your business plan and that produce results.

Discuss your needs with us and find your online solution today.

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