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Social Media Marketing

Our social media offerings are designed with site traffic and user experience in mind. The best way to get high quality, free traffic to your website is by creating substantial social media content.

Breakdown of a Siivo Basic Social Media Marketing Campaign

  1. Account Creation - You will have access to up to 100 social media accounts that are setup based on your website's content (Note: Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin are not included in this package).
  2. Post Formatting - Each article provided is given special attention for keyword richness, proper style formatting for professional news feeds and adequate link structure.
  3. Post Submission - We submit your content across the Internet, giving people the opportunity to find it, and ultimately you.

Social Media Add-ons

If Web 2.0 is your game, we can help you become a star player. Companies that are serious about their social media must understand the importance of regular account maintenance and creative content generation. These account add-ons are designed to add some of the most popular features like Facebook Fan Pages. Learn more about our full list of extra features:

Content Creation

If you are unable to produce relevant articles related to your industry, we can provide article writing services for a nominal fee. Depending on your market, articles cost $50 for a set of 4 related, submission-ready pieces. Articles are optimized for site keyword performance and are written in flawless AP style (Associated Press), the public relations industry standard.


Facebook Add-on

Facebook account creation, Fan Page creation & optimization, and weekly feed updating (with the articles you supply.) Advanced content options are also available. Please contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.


Twitter Add-on

Account creation, Twitter page design & optimization, and weekly feed updates with supplied articles. For a more customized solution, contact us for a full quote.


Social Media Monitoring Add-on

You know your business better than anyone, but if you do not have the staff necessary to monitor your social media presence, we can help. We can track keywords, hash tags and mentions of your business across social media networks and report on your progress. We also respond to requests and exposure, positive or negative, in a timely fashion.

You will benefit from the advanced social network presence that Siivo can build for your business. Contact us today, or get a quote right now.

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