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SEO: Analytics

Choose SEO Services from Siivo

Plan for your company''s future with proper search engine optimization. At Siivo, we are experts in SEO and deliver high performance solutions. View our SEO packages or get a free quote today. We are confident you will be satisfied with the results.

Powerful Site Metrics

Measuring the success of your SEO plan is impossible without analytics systems in place. Google Analytics has become popular due to its power and relative ease of use in addition to being free. Understanding how to set up Google Analytics properly is a key to achieving accurate metrics over time. Once you have set up your analytics system, determine the criteria by which you want to measure traffic to your site and its use once visitors arrive. Make changes to your strategy and note their effect over time. Google Analytics provides detailed traffic information based on location, time and keyword, and it shows you how people approach your site and where they go once they leave. Since Google does not provide the IP or any other personal information of your visitors, there are no privacy issues caused by using the service. Once you have created reports based on the data you collect, share it with colleagues and/or clients.

Plan for the Future

Optimizing both content and structure primarily for Google is a good starting point, and it is certainly the best bang for the buck. But SEO specialists understand the importance of optimizing content for other information sources as well. Find sites that index for specific types of content rather than relevance and quality. Use these sites to target users who do not start their search on Google. For example, ecommerce Web sites should place considerable resources in optimizing for shopping search engines and product comparison services. As we mentioned before, search engines cannot index the text in images with much precision. However, a growing number of services have indexed images themselves on completely separate criteria. Optimizing your site to rank well with photo and video search engines can improve your overall success rate and increase exposure.

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