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SEO: Content

Choose SEO Services from Siivo

Search engine optimization is an investment and its benefits are long lasting. Let Siivo improve your ranking in organic searches. We have a track record of real results. View our SEO packages or contact us today. There is no obligation to get a quote, and we will exceed your expectations.

Content Creation

We regularly discuss the importance of fresh, dynamic content as the critical element of a successful Web site. Content must be creative, not duplicated, and it must be updated regularly. If you are not willing to apply the resources necessary for creating content that is both search engine and user friendly, you should simplify your site to require less content over time and be content with a low PageRank. As search engines attempt to measure the quality of your content, special attention must be paid to it. Quality content is also necessary to create a satisfying user experience. You are writing for humans, after all. Proper content creation will not only satisfy your SEO goals; it will also aid in your SMM initiatives. Approaching content from the user’s point of view is essential, and creating opportunities for users to create content for you is a great way to generate new, fresh content on your site. Beware of the dangers of user-generated content and ensure proper moderation measures are in place before you implement it.


This is a fundamental element of SEO that must be done properly if any other efforts are to succeed. Determine keywords that are within reach; some words are nearly impossible, others are relatively easy to rank well. Establish a mix of keywords on a continuum from broad to very specific. Research prospective keywords within that spectrum and generate a robust list of keywords based on topics your site can legitimately compete for. Your site keywords will focus on different areas depending on the page, and page optimization should be limited in the number of keywords attempted. If you lack the expertise necessary to perform this research, do not skip it. Hire a professional to perform it for you. Research is crucial to evaluation, so make sure you do the work early and maintain good records of your process. A talented project manager can ensure that your programs remain cost effective and measurable, and outsourcing the entire process is often the most cost effective.

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