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SEO: Strategy

Search engine optimization is much art as it is science. The process is intuitive and requires extensive experience in determining what works and what is a waste of time. Engineering Web sites to rank well with popular search engines and information gateways on the Internet is a reliable way to generate organic, unpaid traffic to your site.

SEO ensures that your site will show up in relevant searches alongside your competition. Skilled SEO convinces search engines that your products and services belong above those of your competition. While there is expertise to be gained by working with SEO experts, there are no guarantees. Anyone promising you top-ten placement unconditionally is lying to you. See how Siivo approaches SEO:

At Siivo, we stress the importance of SEO from the beginning of the site planning process. A poorly designed site with excellent, optimized content will not rank nearly as high as a well-designed site with average content. Structure can be optimized to satisfy search engine requirements and preferences while simultaneously delivering an excellent user experience. Generate simple URLs with real words, rather than the jumbled mess that many content management systems generate automatically. Create sitemaps that make your content’s structure easy to follow and update them as often as you update content. You can also communicate directly with most major search engines and set a crawl rate, or the frequency with which a search engine investigates your site. Be sure to include real information about your company and a privacy policy detailing how you handle the personal information of both your clients and your site’s visitors.

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