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SEO: Submission

Link Building: An Online Community

Many Web developers prefer a community approach to traditional, proprietary content because it is an inexpensive, consistent way to develop non-redundant content. Creating an environment where people will regularly post content, like a forum, message board or product review section, is no easy task. Make sure you are prepared to oversee the project and keep it alive over time.

Link Building

The process by which search engines determine your site’s value is inextricably linked to the quality and volume of sites that link to you, and vice versa. Thus the success and quality of the Internet is intertwined, and universal excellence in design within your industry is beneficial to everyone. For example, you and your competitors can actually help each other online by maintaining excellent Web sites and linking to each other.

Because the process of linking is complicated and requires activity beyond your control, developing a linking strategy is crucial. Consider your linking strategy a part of business networking. Determine who to link to and which sites you should wait to link to you first. Find trusted sources on information related to your SEO topic and link to them. In some cases you can request links from trusted sources.

Maintain accounts with business listings with Web sites that index companies by industry or location and ensure consistency and accuracy. This is particularly crucial when using multiple URLs for individual organizations.

While good design and optimized content may generate back links, it is important to actively pursue links that will improve your PageRank. Many organizations produce link-rich press releases as a method of receiving links from sources they are unable to reach personally. Over time, your content will spread with links to your site intact.

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