E-commerce Marketing Services

The e-commerce market is competitive. Online stores that want to thrive need a smart marketing strategy. With e-commerce marketing services from Siivo, your company can launch competitive campaigns that drive online orders, repeat customers, and revenue that powers your growth.


500 Monthly
  • Use social media to grow. From must-share posts to must-click ads, our social media specialists will create a campaign that generates likes, follows, and sales.


1475 Monthly
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective, affordable ways to grow your e-commerce store and boost your revenue. When you rank at the top of search results, more people can find and contact your business.


375 Monthly
  • Getting your target audience into your sales funnel is essential for making sales and earning new customers and clients, which is why many businesses invest in lead generation services.

E-commerce Marketing Services That Drive Sales

Use e-commerce marketing, and your company can accomplish a range of goals, from building brand awareness to generating online sales to opening brick-and-mortar locations. At Siivo, we offer a suite of e-commerce marketing services that make using e-commerce marketing simple.

Our digital strategists have put together successful Internet marketing campaigns for businesses ranging from local coffee shops to publicly traded companies. They’ll do the same for you. 

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Why Invest in E-commerce Marketing Services?

Influence on Purchase Decisions

Customers usually look online first when they are deciding on making a purchase. Therefore, a customer-friendly online store encourages sales.

Social Media

An engaging social media presence can raise your ecommerce company profile, and encourage traffic and sales. Social media can be used to capture attention and drive traffic to your ecommerce store.


People have busy lives, and going to a brick and mortar store means taking a sizeable chunk out of their day. E-commerce stores offer customers the products they want, whenever they want them.

Personalized Experience

E-commerce marketing can be used to forge a more personal connection with customers. A good e-commerce marketing strategy includes excellent customer service and a dynamic social media presence, which drive traffic and sales to your business.

Going Global

It goes without saying that brick-and-mortar setups are bound by location, and depending on your product or service, this could be key to your revenue. But even if you think that your business 'needs' to stay local, expanding globally could allow you to expand into new facets of your business.

Lowering Costs

Because e-commerce tends to carry far lower costs than brick-and-mortar setups, adding an online component to your existing business doesn’t need to be a high-risk investment and in fact, in most cases would be a far better choice than opening another storefront if that’s something that you feel you could easily lose money on.

How much do ecommerce marketing services cost?
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What Metrics Should E-commerce Marketing Services Measure?

Average Order Value

Measures the average amount of each order.

Cart Abandonment Rate

Measures the sitewide abandonment rate for shopping carts.

Conversion Rate

Measures the conversion rate for all conversions, from purchases to sign-ups.

Cost per Acquisition

Measures the average price to acquire a new customer.

Since most business comes from referrals or word of mouth, it is important to maintain your brand so that you can connect with customers, create value and set yourself apart from your competition.
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E-commerce marketing provides your business with the tools for growing and expanding.

If you’re ready to start marketing your ecommerce store, we’re ready too. With our custom ecommerce marketing packages, experienced team members, and advanced AI tech, we can help your company reach its sales, revenue, and growth goals.

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