Hotel Review Management

Online review management  means developing strategies that form or influence the public perception of an organization, an individual, or another entity on the Internet.

Simply put, your online reputation is what others think of you, your brand, or your organization based on the information they find online.

Why Do You Need Review Management?

In the last years guests’ opinions have become more and more important and can influence how other guests choose an hotel for their holidays or business trips. Every single detail, from individual services offered by the hotel to staff efficiency or comfort of the structure, can be rated on dedicated booking and rating websites.

Siivo integrates data from all major OTA sites through the organic combination of big data and internet mining technology. With our proprietary content analysis technology, we help hotels to track down customer preferences, manage online reputation, improve hotel operation efficiency, and enhance competitiveness and hotel ROI.

Whether you represent a hotel, tour operator or one of the many other companies within the tourism sector, the interactions you have with leisure, business or millennium travellers must reinforce the message of excellence in performance, standards and quality.
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Why is review management important for hotels?

There’s a ton of information available to buyers these days. It doesn’t matter the industry, there are reviews, guides, and walk-through videos to help consumers make decisions. So review management is important for most businesses.
But hotels have a few specific challenges:

Reviews are the norm now

Now, everyone‘s reviewing, all the time. Sites like, TripAdvisor, and Yelp have made it easy to rate your latest night’s stay. And these reviews are an integral part of the purchase.

There’s so much choice

Your competitors are there for the world to see. And prospective customers won’t hesitate to choose a higher rated – or cheaper – alternative.

Customers trust reviews more than your website

It’s vital to protect your hotel’s reputation. And while review sites are probably going to be the first place you (and your customers) look, there’s also social media, news, and forums to contend with.

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How Siivo protect and improve your hotel’s reputation?

Prioritize review sites

As discussed, review sites should be your chief concern, especially those that also let the customer book. These include, Airbnb, Expedia, and a constantly evolving roster of alternatives. You know that customers make their choices based on these. And compared with other media that affect your reputation, you have a good amount of control over them. And first, you need to know what’s being said.

Watch for negative reviews

If you’ve built a good name for yourself – and a good star rating to go with it – negative reviews can be particularly harmful. For one, reviews are typically listed in reverse chronological order (newest first). So when a harsh review is fresh, it’s also easy to find. It’s important to keep a close eye out for particularly negative reviews. the sooner you find them, the better your chances of improving the rating (more on this in a moment). Make sure you use a reputation management tool that will watch review sites for you, then be ready to pounce when negative comments are posted.

Respond quickly to the bad ones

It’s never nice when someone slams your business in public. A few seconds for them can turn into an ongoing headache for you and your team. And the reviewer either doesn’t care, or actually wants to cause you harm. While it’s tempting to return fire, there are actually positive things you can do improve the worst reviews. And it starts with a quick response.

Encourage happy guests to leave reviews

Here’s another positive step you can take to improve your reputation. If done respectfully, there’s nothing wrong with actually asking for reviews. It works in ecommerce, and it works for hotels too. The key is to explain how much a review would mean to you.When the customer feels they got to know you during their stay, a few moments to post a review isn’t really a burden.

Track social media

Review sites should be your main focus. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore all the other conversations, critiques, and complaints being posted online every day. These can be a valuable source of hotel feedback, and harmful comments will actively damage your reputation.

Find conversations you’d otherwise miss

This is the whole point of social listening. Social media has become such a broad, widespread behemoth, that it’s almost impossible to see everything said. And unfortunately, customers won’t always tag you in their Instagram and Facebook posts. Without the precious @ symbol, you’d likely never know they talked about you. Good social listening tools let us catch these mentions and respond right away.

Respond and help them resolve issues

A quick response should help this customer solve their issue. Not only will this help you fulfill a necessary customer service responsibility, it shows future customers that you’re responsive and willing to help.

Monitor competitors’ coverage as well

Wonder why people talk about the hotel next door, and not yours? Marketing isn’t magic, and they may be doing things that you can replicate. You just need to figure out their strategy.

Did you know, a huge 68% of users will often go straight to a business’s social media profile to read reviews. Whether your business sells a product or offers a service, customers online want to see real people talking about your brand. They want to see what you have to offer and if it’s worth their time and money.

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