OTA’s are online travel agencies or 3rd party companies whose websites allow consumers to book travel related services such as accommodation, flights, packages or car hire.

These online channels have become an important element in the revenue management and marketing mix of hotels, lodges and guesthouses and provide a valuable means of distributing rates and availability. OTA’s also assist to increase and enhance marketing efforts and sales revenues.

We set up, manage and monitor your profile on leading OTA’s, whether you already have established relationships with OTA’s or need assistance with the set up and integration. We can assist you and advise the best distribution channels for your property.

Checking price difference between room categories
Comparison of Revenue with last year’s data
Analyzing Country Based Reservations
Analyzing Country Based Pricing
Checking Commission Based Pricing Strategy
Analyzing Cancellations
Available Room Optimization

Analyzing Active Promotions
Comparison of 18 month rates with Competitives
Checking Online Visibility
Guest Reviews and Hotel’s Replies
Checking Services with Low Rating
OTA Content Analysis
Determining which Online Channels have to be
active and which have to be closed


Monitor and evaluate key metrics to make effective decisions on your hotel rates and improve business growth.


We compare your hotel rates among your competitors to know your online rate parity and to see where your hotel ranking.


We improve the ranking of your hotel on Tripadvisor by providing training on the reviews about your hotel.


We compare the price of your hotel and build the price value that your hotel can provide in front of its main competitors.


We create OTA promotions to help drive in business on lean days. They also improve ranking and visibility across all listed channels.


We use different pricing strategies to get more business in during lean periods and price rooms accordingly.