Real Estate Audit Services

Provide our clients with best in class service and drive powerful results by utilizing our award winning team of professionals and our industry leading “proactive audit approach”. Our “proactive audit approach” includes a dynamic feedback mechanism providing valuable feedback for Senior Management to use on a real time basis, allowing our clients to save valuable money and time.

Real Estate Audit Advantages

While there are dozens of firms that offer some or all of the same services we offer, no team can match our commitment to quality and accuracy. Other auditing companies offer cost-saving solutions usually as an add-on or loss leader for their core services, with an eye to use these as a means to secure other businesses. At Real Estate Auditing Services, Inc., these remain to be our areas of specialization. That is why we can achieve results that are unparalleled in the industry, setting us apart from the competition. The benefits that our clients get from working with us include the following:
  • This is our sole focus, so there is no conflict of interest for our clients or for us.
  • We have strategic partners in each jurisdiction in which we work. This allows us to capitalize on the personal and professional relationships of our local partners to achieve excellent results for our clients.
  • Our multidisciplinary team includes specialists from each area. Their experience, contacts, and expertise ensure that we look at every potential savings.
  • To help pave the way for more cost-effective and symbiotic operations and relations in the future, we work hard to improve relationships with your landlord, your contractor, or the assessor.

Measurable Results from Real Estate Audit Services.
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Challenges in the Real Estate sector

As a property company, there are some specific challenges you need to address:

Effective Value Engineering

Considering the challenging market that require developer to provide value for money product that should be affordable in price without deteriorating in quality of the product.

Diverse Portfolio

Different types of real estate properties have different dynamics, including office buildings, shopping malls, hospitality industry and development projects.

Project Management

Effective management of the whole project which require careful selection and robust monitoring of consultants, contractors and subcontractors, in order to make sure the timely delivery of project with required quality.


Need to manage risks such as compliance, health & safety regulations, business conduct, physical security and information security across different locations.

Facilities and Property Management

Need to be strata law savvy to structure and manage the property effectively and provide transparency to owners through Owners ‘Associations.

Experienced Team

An experienced central team combining internal audit experience with a broad knowledge of the different types of real estate properties.

With our leading industry practice in real estate, your internal audit team has ready access to relevant resources within the real estate industry.

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