Are you interested in building a strategy to take control of your online reputation? An online reputation audit is a great place to start. Most individuals choose to manage their own reputation rather than hiring a professional, but many lack a concrete plan of action to utilize resources as effectively as possible. An online reputation audit is a great starting point to kick off an online reputation management campaign. Our comprehensive audits include an extensive interview process to learn a client’s goals and objectives. From there our team analyzes all current web assets and builds a complete plan of action to help individuals control their image online.


Once we’re confident that our team completely understands your goals and objectives, we focus our research on seven specific areas to determine the best course of action. Our research focus areas include the following:

  • Search Result Analysis
  • Directory Listings
  • Review Sites
  • Social Media
  • News & Blog Search
  • Personal Website
  • Company Website

The details of our research will be presented to you with actionable suggestions for updates and improvements on the various sites which generally fall into three categories.


If our online reputation audit uncovers information that is not congruent with your goals and objectives such as personal contact information or negative posts, we provide strategies and best practices to either suppress this information deep into search results or completely remove it from the Internet.


Many individuals are listed on positive sites related to academic achievements, professional recognitions, speaking engagements, or participation in charity events. The Reputation Resolution’s Online Reputation Audit identifies sites with positive information about and includes in-depth strategies to promote and publicize these sites by pushing them higher in search engine results.


In many cases, our clients can benefit by contributing to online publications in their industry, creating a personal website, or increasing their social media exposure. Opportunities to increase exposure on the Internet are widely available and our online reputation audit can help you generate the largest impact for your effort.