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Ecommerce Methodology

What if your Web site worked for you? A feature rich, industry specific Web presence from Siivo adds our expertise to yours, giving you access to online solutions from a company like yours - with a track record of results. Read our case studies and discover how our problem solving and revenue generating strategies work for ecommerce. At Siivo, we get involved, learn your business, and take your strengths online. Our intuitive, user-friendly designs and powerful ecommerce tools will streamline your business, increasing your volume in sales without adding complicated maintenance and upkeep. How do we do it? Experience our process:


DiscoveryBecome an expert in your industry. The Internet is an opportunity to increase sales and reduce cost, but your solution is often different from the perceived need.

To create customized solutions that work hard for your business, we become an expert on it and create a strategic, measurable plan that compliments your unique selling proposition.

  • Discover your organization
  • Conduct primary research
    • Distribute, collect and analyze surveys
    • Focus groups
  • Gather information from client
  • Communications audit
  • SWOT analysis
  • Identify & understand target audiences
  • Review market research
  • Determine value added by client
  • Measure audience’s technical capabilities
  • Establish project budget and timeline
  • Layout project goals and strategies
  • Propose necessary products and services
  • Arrange alpha and beta testing
  • Define project metrics

DefineStructure your products and services to maximize conversion. The Web is an organic, dynamic marketplace.

We go beyond compelling content, advanced information architecture and usability to create environmental concepts as unique as our clients.

Other companies often overlook this critical stage in development, but it informs every decision we make.

  • Content Development
  • Organize, outline and audit
  • Conceptualize delivery
  • Generate audience-specific copy
  • Information Architecture and Usability
  • Structure
  • Convention
  • Navigation
  • Mapping and wireframing
  • SEO and SMO structure
  • Design for Google, Bing as well as end user
  • Plan for information to be socially accessible

DesignCreate brilliant, user-friendly designs that make it easy to do business with you. Our design process focuses on the strengths and identity of your organization, delivering a visual interface that exceeds consumer expectations, delivers exceptional quality in experience and performance, and increases your profit.

Your products and services will be accessible on any platform, from a personal desktop to the palm of your consumers’ hands.

  • Creative Process
  • First impression concept
  • Reflect organizational brand
  • Meet project goals and budget
  • Functionality
  • Test site flow and usability
  • Streamline with advanced technology
  • Integrate Web 2.0, social media, widgets, web apps
  • Mobile
  • Conceptualize for mobile interface
  • Templates
  • Deliver graphic rendering to client
  • Check design to ensure consistency

DevelopGive your business wings. Our production team will build your solution from the ground up, integrating everything into one sleek, intuitive package.

We plan the project to maximize efficiency and deliver it to you on time and within your budget.

Front-end usability meets back-end functionality to create a simple, satisfying digital experience.

  • Reassess project to ensure consistency
  • Budget and timeline
  • SEO and SEM recheck
  • Build all project components to established specifications
  • Code and slicing
  • Script and populate pages
  • Integrate final content
  • Optimize for compatibility, ease of operation
  • Backend development and testing
  • Debug and code cleanup
  • Speed test
  • Browser/platform compatibility
  • Beta testing prior to launch

DisplayTurn on the lights and open the doors to your business online. After development is complete and your project is consistent with your goals, we will launch it for you. Your project manager will provide you with everything you need to maintain your ebusiness.

Our smart backend user tools make it easy to keep up with your business as it grows, integrating logistics and feedback for unhindered customer service.

And we never stop working for you – we will reassess your site over time to keep you on the cutting edge of your industry.

  • Delivery
  • Provide site backup
  • Develop style guide
  • Project documentation
  • Training
  • Launch
  • Final SEO & SMO
  • Announce
  • Public relations
  • Customer Service
  • Periodic site maintenance
  • Security
  • Coordinating interactive services
  • Evaluation
  • Reassessment (ongoing)
  • Verify consistency with best-practices over time
  • Recommend emergent technology
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