Website Audit Services

At Siivo, our approach to website audit is like bringing your car into the shop for a full checkup – we examine every aspect of your site to determine the improvements that will make it more successful. We’ll then create an action plan and take all necessary steps to allow your site to rise above its competition.

What can I expect with Website Audit services from Siivo?

First, an SEO professional will review your existing marketing approaches to evaluate how well your advertising and optimization efforts are working. You will receive a detailed and comprehensive report on how your website is currently performing, including a point-by-point review of your website’s analytics, tracking data, backlinks and keyword effectiveness. If you wish, we can also prepare a report that allows you to compare your traffic and SEO performance to those of competing sites, giving you some insight into what works for your competition.
Next, our content department will analyze all of your site pages. A professional editor will review your content for grammar and spelling while a content consultant determines whether or not your content is relevant to your audience. The editor, with your permission, will correct any errors in your content and even rewrite content entirely if needed. Having us rewrite your site content can ensure that your message is being broadcast clearly and is effective and engaging for the audience you’re trying to target.

A professional developer will then review your website’s code, checking for errors and making sure that your code is written using industry-approved best practices. This is a very important part of the process, as lengthy or improper CSS code can make your website load slowly. Visitors will click away from slow-loading websites, and slow load times can also lead to poor rankings in search.

A web development professional will then analyze any ads on your site and check for important design elements such as mobile usability. Also, a designer will make suggestions to unify your site’s design while providing feedback and ideas on possible redesigns for pages that are less than optimal. The designer can also work with the marketing team to create a new logo for your brand if desired.

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Why Website Audit Services?

Web design analysis and design

One of the first aspects we’ll analyze is your website’s design and structure. Thirty-eight percent of people stop engaging with a website if it is unattractive. Your audience wants to see a visually appealing site, so we’ll analyze your website to ensure its design and functionality deliver.

Page speed analysis

One of the most critical factors for improving your website is analyzing your page speed. Users hate to wait for slow-loading pages. Fifty-three percent of users will abandon your page if it takes more than three seconds to load. Your audience wants to access information quickly.

SEO audit

SEO is a crucial part of your business. A strong SEO strategy helps your business appear in relevant search results and drive more qualified traffic to your page. At Siivo, we’ll audit your current SEO strategy to see where you can improve.

Content reviews

Your content marketing strategy drives valuable traffic to your page. If you don’t have a strong content marketing strategy, you’re missing an opportunity to grow your website online and giving it away to your competitors.

UX analysis and testing services

The user experience (UX) is one of the most critical factors on your website. If you want to keep leads on your page longer, you must provide your audience with a positive user experience.

Social Media audit services

Your website and social channels are virtual shop windows into your business. They should tell a story about what you do, who you are, and serve up design cues that give potential customers an instant sense of whether your products or services are for them.

Did you know, a huge 68% of users will often go straight to a business’s social media profile to read reviews. Whether your business sells a product or offers a service, customers online want to see real people talking about your brand. They want to see what you have to offer and if it’s worth their time and money. If your business isn’t set up on social media and you feel your business could benefit from a strong social media strategy, get in touch with us for a chat

Why is a web audit important to my online marketing strategy?

A web audit helps you get to know your audience better

Your web analytics will help you understand your audience better. It's essential that you create a website that works for your audience. When you analyze your website, you can see if it's effective at engaging your audience and getting them to stay on your page. You'll understand which aspects of your site work for your audience and where you can improve your website to boost better user engagement.

A web audit helps you create better content

Content is an integral part of marketing your business. A website analysis will help you create better content, which enables you to drive more valuable traffic to your page. When you analyze your content, you’ll see which pieces of content drive the most visits. You’ll also see what content your audience spends the most time on and how often people bounce from a piece of content.

A website audit helps improve your search visibility

When you invest in website analysis services, you’ll help improve your search visibility. Search visibility is a crucial part of helping your business grow and obtain new leads. Search plays a dominant role in the preparing, researching, and making a purchase. If you want to increase your business’s visibility in the search results, web analysis services will provide your company with insight into how you can improve your search ranking.

A website audit helps drive more leads to your website

Reviewing your social media marketing helps you create a strategy that drives better results. When you evaluate your strategy, you can figure out what’s working for your business and where your strategy needs improvement. This will help you drive more leads and conversions for your business.

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