Our Security Audit is designed specifically for websites. It is smart enough to detect your complete setup. It then carefully analyses each of your modules, plugins and applications you have installed to find out if any have vulnerabilities. If you want to be number 1 in your search category, or very close to it, you’d better make sure that your business site or personal blog is safe and secure. So it’s essential to ensure your site is free of malicious content or links. Our Website Security Audit includes:

  • Vulnerability Scan – Discover known security problems before an attacker can take advantage of them is one of the most important defensive measures you can take.
  • Malware Scan – Indicators of a hacked website can easily escape a website owner for weeks or even months. Our scan looks for various hacked signs.
  • Backdoor Checks – A compromised site can leave behind code that allows hackers and automated bots to control your site remotely for malicious purposes. We check your site against thousands of known backdoors on every scan.
  • Blacklist Check – We use over 20 different search engine, spam and malicious site blacklists during all scans. If you are listed on even one blacklist, this can have a major affect on your SEO rankings.
  • Content Safety – SEO is an important factor for everyone, so you need to keep a close eye on your content and who you’re linking to. We check your internal content and your linked sites for issues that can harm your own rankings.