OTA One-time setup

There are hundreds of agencies and dozens of online & offline channels in the domestic and global markets. Unfortunately, the hotels are still afraid to work with them, because of getting short and overbook. This is perhaps a loss of a hundred euros/dollars profit. However, our experts can set up OTAs for you. We sign up all the suitable online channels for your hotel, then we insert images, content, prices, availability, features, rules, and payment methods. We complete all the steps for your hotels until it becomes visible on the channel.

Why Siivo OTA Setup Service?

The Siivo team of OTA setup consultants has a strong business development DNA, and aims to challenge the status quo. Our drive is to turn your hotel into a local market leader with our proven methodology. We have an extensive international experience in both the hospitality travel & tourism industry, and leave no stone unturned to increase your top line revenue and bottom line profit.

Siivo’s OTA setup experts will be incorporated into your hotel management structure and operate as a part of your team. And we will take on the responsibilities and duties of OTA setup. Our experts enter your rates, availability, images etc. (so called ´back end´). The client can then see all the information from the ´front end´ of the hotel website.

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The core components of OTA setup services are

Picking right online channels

Uploading images

Inserting contents

Mapping with your channel manager

Availability optimization

Setting pricing/cancellation rules

Setting up room types

Setting up Loyalty Programmes

Making the hotel visible

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Why are OTAs important?

Cost savings

Low-cost method of selling accommodation services

Reduced spend

Reduced online marketing spend as OTAs invest in advertising to attract potential customers

Guest reviews

Impartial reviews give customers the confidence to book


Users can easily compare various accommodation costs at one place

Even though OTAs can help to fill your rooms, accommodation businesses must try to maximize revenue through their own website. Consistent work on search engine optimization tactics and other digital marketing techniques is a must. Accommodation businesses must focus on customer retention techniques and directly target their existing customers through emails and direct marketing.

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